Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post My Name is Khan !

Imagine if you heard the news of terror attack. What does it tell about todays time ? Does the post attack has same feelings for every one. The answer is not positive. The feeling are cultural baised. A muslim father hears that his son is missing in a terror attack, incredibly, is to hope no hope, not that he is safe but that he wasn't involved in the atrocity.
Parents say "I know my son". Do they really know him. Many think he could not have done such thing. Behind every such denial lies the private fears: what if my son was really involved.Muslims are the soft target after any terror attack. While the world outcry against the brutal attack; it is a point for people to come out in open and condemn the selected names.But reality lies far ahead of these outspoken words.
The terrorist organisation in any part of world work similar to a political party. First of all it needs financial resources. Money is the first thing which is required for every show. Next is to strengthen the cadre at the grassroot level just like a political party inducts youth to manager its party affairs. Immature minds are soft target for them which can be easily lured by the money. They also try to attarct the highly trained professionals like software engineer, doctor, pilot. Now as we know every thing about the building blocks of the terror groups why we are not able to curb them.
The answer is simple our weak governmet and its policy. The basic problem with Indian government is that it does not have a firm policy on the terrorist organisations. So should we accept this fact candidly that we have become banana republic. Definitly know. Being a part of India we have the greated power of democracy which might out weight the terrorist. We should stop the cultural twist. The atrocity is the vicious cycle which will create more terrorist as its consequences. Gandhi's philosophy sounds awkword but it is the most effective way to unite against the terror.

Glamour Eclipse

Glamour is an appearance of enhanced attractiveness. This word can easily mesmerize the audience. But wait is it always true. Not so frequent ,but recent cases of suicides have left an eclipse for Glamour industries. The sucides are the latest reminder of the simmer side of the fashion industry. The shimmer appears only to be only the surface while the underbelly seems to have dark and ugly side. But as human being we will ask what triggers these tragedies. Is it the intense pressure of modelling world which made them so volunerable. In many of the suicide case, the person involved in suicide was on the pinnacle of his/her carrier. So what makes this industry infamous of having seen its top most stars and beauty queens die alone ?
Vulnerable to cocktail of professional pressure, failure, and lonliness, escapism becomes a necessity more than just a tendency. Media are the fac of the celebrities. The vulnerability is aggravated by the media news and repurcussion is beyond the imagination.Media coverage of celebrity suicides has two types of negative repurcussion. One is the impact on those close to victim. These persons become the fodder for the mdia, until media do not loose interest in their privacy.another one is the victim itself.
Talking to media has become the career launcher for many Indians. You swing from anoymity to recognition with every media comment. Friends and colleagues of victim are tapped for any posssible angle, and many are happy to obilidge.
The left over things are covered by our Police Department. Can they be told not to feed media machine in case of suicides attempt even if the suicide falls under indian penal act. Reporters usually make police contacts to invade the privacy. And many times they are ven successful.
The report analysis shows that the suicide graph surges after the media catches the front page for suicides.Increases in the teenage suicides have also been reported follwoing the news stories on suicides in international studies.
Does that mean Media should stop reporting suicides. They are the faces of the society. Keeping a barrier on their freedom can affect the society. The flaw is not in media but it is in the way of reporting. Reporting can be constructive. In fact there are many ways to report a news in healthy manner without making it hipe.
But media will not rein its voyeurism left to themselves. An effective companits council is likeky to be best remdial agent.